The Great Flats Nature Trail

The Great Flats Nature Trail

Located near via port Rotterdam, the Great Flats Natural Trail is a lightly trafficked trail perfect for morning walks + hikes. The trail winds through a marsh like path, parts of which are made up of short and long bridges over the marsh like lands. The trail loops for a total of 1.8 miles, and is great for hikers of all skill levels.


While on one of the bridges, you will notice a board put up on a dead end bridge with some holes in it. I presume this was made to hide people so they can watch some of the wildlife congregate without threat of humans, unfortunately for us the march was pretty dry and no animals were lingering though we heard word of a deer making his way around the trail. there are two dead end trails, both marked and nothing to worry about as the trail loops to the beginning either way.

This hike was more relaxed than scenic, kinda just letting you ease in to your morning with coffee in hand. make sure if you come though you bring water resistant shoes or boots, as the water levels can vary from time and day creating muddy and slippery surfaces.

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