Abandoned Ruins of the Cornish Estate

Cornish Estate

Just north of Cold Springs, New York, the Cornish Estate is nestled in the woods just off Rt. 9D/Stearn Road. The trail can be entered from the lot just outside Cold Springs off the main route.


The trail is a 1.8 mile loop according to AllTrails. Upon entering from the lot you will begin on a highly maintained dirt trail until you reach the estates former road entrance. Once you reach the old driveway, you will have a slight ascend until you hit a bend in the road. Upon your approach, you will see the foundation that remains among the ruins of the old mansion. The old front door is no longer there, but the skeleton of the door frame and arches over the driveway remain. Inside all of that remains are what was once a basement, filled and littered with pipes and tiles.


Behind the initial structure sits what was once a beautiful backyard and pool, which now sits left over-grown and swampish.

Back at the entrance near a loop in the driveway, looking up the hill I noticed a gazebo over looking the mansion which had been built in 2014 as part of a restoration and is till intact, but weathering from age.


From the gazebo, the green house is a straight shoot back down the hill. Inside is spacious, although the ceiling is no longer present. However, it’s the only structure fully intact, as only the glass is missing.

The only other structures that can be seen are two square foundations, presumably old homes of guests or workers.


Originally named North Gate at its original building by Sigmund Stern, a diamond merchant, it would later be acquired by Edward Cornish and his wife renaming the property “The Cornish Estates”. During it’s initial building in 1910, Stern had built a massive complex property, with a: mansion, garage, swimming pool, garden, pump house, pastures for Jersey cows, and other massive structures. At one point, this site featured two magnificent waterfalls.

For more history on The Cornish Estate, check out our source “Hudson Valley Ruins“.

If you’re interested in visiting this trail, it’s only a 2-hour drive south from Albany, or an hour north from New York City.

Watch our YouTube Tour of the Cornish Estates here!