Should I Buy a Humidifier?

The reasons for getting a humidifier may seem mundane or frivolous at first, but for many people winter time or dry summers can bring dry air. Constant dry air can poses several issues long term, those being dry eyes, dry irritated skin, chronic bronchitis maybe become more active, nasal lining becomes swollen/runny, and more stress on the lungs. Keeping moisture in the air helps prevent these things from occurring. Since adding a humidifier to my room, I’ve even felt a big improvement in sleep quality. Adding just that little bit of moisture to an otherwise stale air environment.


I recommend putting a humidifier in each room that is actively used. Many smaller devices have a minimal output, limiting how much they they can effect. Make sure you get the right size for every room, and make sure your cleaning them regularly whether it be every other day or once a week. By washing the storage compartment where the water goes, you are keeping bacteria from building up. While humidifiers do help fight the spread, they can only do so if they are being cleaned properly as instructed by their perspective manuals.

Essential Oil Tray

If your a traveler, a lot of hotels like the club quarters have options in room. However, if not there are plenty of portable options available, and depending how frequently you travel it may be worth the small investment.


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