Should I be using a Air Purifier in my home?

Air Purifiers & Humidifiers have become common household appliances, used to freshen up a room or the entire house. But is a purifier worth dropping money on? Research says YES!


With mine, it functions just like a small fan but with a filter on the back used solely for the bedroom to keep it fresh at night. Many newer modern homes and apartments will already have HEPA filtration systems included in their heating/cooling air, so be sure to make sure your home doesn’t already have one before dropping money on more. Your current system may need a new filter though if you were unaware it was there.


What is the purpose?

HEPA air filters take all the unwanted pollution out of the air, making your living environment cleaner, the air easier to breathe, and reducing risks of disease & virus’s.

  • Dust + Allergens
  • Removes Air born Virus + Bacteria
  • Removes Smoke Particles (pot + Cigarette)
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Molecules

What type of filter should I get
& how often should I change the filter?

Only use HEPA filters if you can, avoid permanent filters or washable ones, as air quality will degrade over time with each use, making them inefficient after maybe 3 months. Make sure to get a few filters, as you will need to change them every 2-3 months for most effective use in fighting air pollution. Each device will have a different size filter, make sure to read the box and take note of the dimensions. Some filters even have more added to them for “increased filtration”, I’m not sure how much that really does. What you ideally need is a normal cloth-like material for the filter, with a metal frame and metal screening so the air doesn’t push the cloth out (this maybe a bad verbal description, but after looking at filters you will see what I mean). Lastly, make sure your output matches the room your putting it in, each device has a max capacity output. The fan I have would be too small for a room any larger than the one it’s in, so make sure your aware of the square feet of the room.

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