GHOST BCAA’S: are they any good & amp; Should i use them

Ghostlifestyle is a fairly new supplement company that has emerged into the world of fitness and has been taking the industry by storm with their amazing and unique flavors from your favorite sweets in a wide variety of supplements.


We took a look at one of their BCAA mixes in this weeks article, and we weren’t disappointed. The BCAA mix checking off the necessities for a complex blend, and getting you excited to use its product with amazing flavor in a zero sugar product. Those who are a bit pickier when it comes to flavor won’t be disappointed, we grabbed the SourPatch Kids Redberry and it tasted exactly like the candy!


Inside your going to find a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio as recommended by professional lifter PhD. Jim Stapponi among others:
– L-Leucine
– L-Iso Leucine
– L- Valine

This Blend is perfect for everyone, it has the bare necessities without the extra’s thrown in that make some skeptical to supplements. Vegans and gluten free folks can also enjoy this as it has been cleared as vegan friendly and gluten free! The only down side is that that the company couldn’t be found under the NSF certification for clean and certified supplements.

Overall we give this product an 9/10 for flavor, being so good and putting in the necessities without going over board. However, we had to knock off a point for the lack of NSF certification, but they maintain such a high rate for their GMP compliant manufacturing.


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