Should I Run Everyday

While online, I’ve noticed a debate about running everyday and whether or not it is safe. In doing research for this article I found running to be one of the most primal things a person can do, as humans are specifically built to run long distances without serious injury to their body. Go back to the age old question, how did we get food without claws and big jaws/teeth for hunting? We certainly aren’t the fastest creatures either. The answer is we chased it hunting and forging everyday for food, the theory goes that back when we were nothing but neanderthals first discovering fire we would chase down our prey, hunting in packs and tiring out our food before bludgeoning it.


Out of all the beasts in the world, humans can endure running the longest, some of us going for over 100 miles with proper training and practice. Certain parts of the body including ligaments and tendons in the legs getting strong solely from running, and no other training.


When does running become a problem?

Running becomes a problem with you run for too long, at too high of an intensity. What does this mean? This means if you are a runner and your average pace is 12 minutes and your average is 1 mile, however, you consistently push yourself to 8 minutes for 2 miles every day with no rest or recovery, then you maybe more susceptible to injury. In my experience if you plan to run everyday, I recommend working at a low intensity at a moderate number of miles each week. If you end each workout with a mile or two in reserve and wake up feeling like you could run another day at the previous pace and time that is where you should work from. My race pace is about a 7 minute mile at max of 5 miles, so I’ll actively run 4-3 miles a day at a 8:30 pace each morning. Actively exceeding your race pace daily can lead to over training, which can cause long term damage. It’s important for you to find your appropriate pace! This can also change based on health conditions, so if you’re not sure ask a Physical Therapist or Doctor. Walking is also a great substitute for a run on active rest days, and make sure to include dynamic stretches before a run and static stretches afterwards to keep your muscles and joints in good condition.


Is Running Everyday Safe?

Short answer is yes, long answer is no if done incorrectly at too high of a pace, intensity, or mileage.

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