Grappling Industries Saratoga Feb 2022

Well, as excited as I was for this Grappling Industries competition I only ended up with two matches. Both competitors’ from Brian Beaury Jiu Jitsu and were phenomenal grapplers. My second opponent, a local Cage Wars MMA champion, had a Heart of gold, I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to him after the match. The only disappointment was my No-Gi match following, to which my opponent from Tiger Shulmans didn’t even show up… so I got to collect a participation trophy for that one.


Finally, the part you’ve all been looking for, the actual matches provided in VR/360 experience!

John Murray Vs David Galli
John Murray Vs Harley Locklear

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Grappling Industries Saratoga 2021

New to our Youtube page, an entire playlist from our time at Grappling industries Saratoga 2021 and it’s in VR! With many wins by submission (two straight ankles, guillotine, and points), John walked away with Bronze in No-Gi and Gold in Gi for the 155 Blue Belt/Intermediate divisions. For the first time ever, watch Brazilian