Plotterkill Preserve, the best hike in the 518!

Plotterkill Preserve is a public preserve in Rotterdam NY with 3 main entrances and roughly 4 miles of hiking trails. The name derives itself from the Dutch words platte for flat & kill for creek or stream. Inside are an abundance of of steep cliffs, Which have unfortunately been the end of a few hikers. While here be sure to play it safe, while exploring and visiting the 3 massive waterfalls hidden within.


Some of the plant life found within includes Conifers, Pine, Oaks, Birch, & Maple. Many Little critters dwell within as well, and they include Gartner Snakes, Salamanders, chipmunks, and much more!


There have been recent restoration efforts to clean up Plotterkill and make it a safer place for people to visit, this bridge was among one of the many new installations in the recent year.

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