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Jarbem Pacheco’s Fight to Glory Continues: UFC COACH Opens Thrilling New Gym Jiu Livre in the Heart of Manhattan

In the heart of Manhattan, legendary MMA coach and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Jarbem Pacheco, has opened a cutting-edge gym, Jiu Livre. Positioned as a beacon of combat sports excellence, the new gym offers expert training in martial arts and fosters a welcoming community for all, from beginners to seasoned fighters. The gym also serves as a testament to Pacheco’s substantial career and aims to inspire the next generation of fighters.

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Rollarama Rotterdam

An old fashioned way of fun, Rotterdam, NY has one of the few competitive skating rinks left in America. Founded in 1957 by Frank Newberry & Jim Denegris, and currently owned by Frank’s son Scott, Rollarama has been a staple and icon of many Rotterdam childhoods. Entertaining birthdays, dates, weekends, and evenings off from school. Prior to 2011, Rollarama was

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Gym Review: Schenectady YMCA

Schenectady YMCA, established in 1926, offers an advanced gym featuring a wellness floor with various weight and cardio machines, group classes, and an NCAA Regulation Basketball Court. Its adult and children’s programs are well-liked, with basketball being notably popular. The YMCA staff offers a supportive community within the modern, clean facility.

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