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The History of Marathons: From Ancient Legends to Modern Races

The marathon, tracing back to ancient Greece and the legendary run of Pheidippides, is deeply rooted in human history and endurance. This iconic 26.2-mile race, officially standardized at the 1908 London Olympics, was first included in the modern Olympics by founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1896. The growing popularity of this gruelling athletic competition continues to inspire athletes worldwide, testament to its fascinating origins and links to key historical events.

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Tyson Knocked Down: Francis Ngannou Stuns Boxing World in Historic Showdown

In a historic pro boxing match known as “The Battle of the Baddest,” reigning WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, faced off against MMA superstar Francis Ngannou. In a surprise turn, Ngannou knocked down Fury in the third round. Although Fury ultimately regained his dominance and won, the knockdown has raised questions about his future. The event signified a noteworthy blend of boxing and MMA.

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Get Ready to Conquer the TCS New York City Marathon: A Guide to Success and Safety

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The upcoming TCS New York City Marathon provides a comprehensive guide for both veteran and first-time racers. The guide includes mile markers, hydration, nutrition, safety measures, race rules, support systems, as well as advice from experienced runners. An app is available to track progress and official aid stations will be set up at regular intervals for the participants’ safety and convenience.

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