Experience the Ultimate Grappling Showdown in Chelsea, New York: Epic Battles, Good Vibes, and Surprising Twists!

A localized event held in Chelsea, New York by a group of dedicated grapplers and stoners. This event is community based with a focus on good vibes.

The host of the night for the event was Alex Casiano of Punch Up, a popular channel on Snapchat for everything Fight Comedy. Headlining the event was The legendary Gianni Grippo against Andrew Franco, which ended in a submission via Arm Triangle.

The event floor was packed to the brim with people, a turn over from previous events. According to one spectator who we spoke with “The number of matches may have Diminished a bit since Brooklyn, but the number of patrons has increased.” He added that the location in Manhattan was way better than in Brooklyn.


And while the room may have been wall to wall, mobility through the crowd was easy, much better than previous events we have been too. It was also a breathe of fresh air to feel some air conditioning on this surprisingly hot day.

There were several vendors from across the state offering flower, pieces, and more including a full bar.

The event started at 7 PM going to 11 PM providing an evening of grappling at a reasonable rate of $60 per ticket. Every event was a super fight hand selected by the promoters for the viewers enjoyment, promising the viewer the best in grappling. We even caught Fabio Rivera of Rolling Stonerz BJJ competing at the event!

Some competitors came just for the positive vibes, when we spoke with a competitor named Andrew Benjamin . he mentioned not even being stoner or smoker, yet enjoyed coming just for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & the community.

The sheer number of people at the event shows a clear demand for these types of events. Hopefully we will see a lot more across New York state soon.

Special thanks to Alex Who helped set us up with tickets to the event on late notice, we do highly recommend you swing over there and watch an episode or two of his commentary. they are currently working through season two!