Fundraising Page

Welcome to Jmurrayathletics Fundraising page! We have set aside this separate page so you can find all our current fundraising campaigns with little to no issues, 2020 will be our first year campaigning and we are excited to start helping the community! We here are avid supporters of volunteerism, and hope you will join us in making a lasting impact and change to the world!

Bellow you will find two options for donating, please remember ever dollar helps even if its only a single dollar! Both options are non for profit, and all money donated goes directly to their causes!


The Choice is Yours!

Selecting one of these two options will set you down the path of helping another person, one by helping fight to end cancer! the other to help Schenectady YMCA continue to provide free programs to the community! What will you choose?

Click here to learn more about Tap Cancer Out!
Click here to learn more about the Y