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What should I buy when starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

A question that I often get asked … What do I need or should I get when starting BJJ? And while “need” is a relative term, I wanted to outline some essentials and cool tools you may want to consider investing in. Buy A Gi! You’re absolutely going to want good quality Gi’s for your training, that’s why I always

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JMA: 4 Picks from Amazon for your Cranberry Lake 50 Backpacking Experience!

Utilizing a bag a friend had lent me, and some repackaged food I had bought from Hannaford grocery store, the only other things I threw in were a few smokes, two bottles of water, a tablet, phone, some clothes, and what’s listed below. The items below were all purchased specifically for this hike to test and review, so you don’t

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