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What the Coronavirus Made us Forget

With everything going on with this Coronavirus I think there are some things we as people are forgetting… Take some time to call your family members and check in with them, the virus has been known to make people pass out from coughing and it may be a good idea to check in once in a while on someone who

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Discover the 4 Essential Gym Etiquette Rules for a Phenomenal Workout Experience


Gym etiquette, including respecting others’ space and time, maintaining cleanliness, being respectful to staff, and leaving training to experts, is vital for a positive, inclusive environment for all gym-goers. Adherence to these rules enhances the gym experience, fostering a harmonious atmosphere where individuals can safely and comfortably pursue their fitness goals.

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Gym Review: Schenectady YMCA

Schenectady YMCA, established in 1926, offers an advanced gym featuring a wellness floor with various weight and cardio machines, group classes, and an NCAA Regulation Basketball Court. Its adult and children’s programs are well-liked, with basketball being notably popular. The YMCA staff offers a supportive community within the modern, clean facility.

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