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Bartitsu The Forgotten Martial Art of Self-Defense

man in formal suit jacket holding his necktie

In the late 19th century, in the bustling streets of London, a unique martial art was born, one that would combine various combat disciplines into a single, unified system. Bartitsu, as it was called, was the brainchild of Edward William Barton-Wright, a man who had a deep fascination

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The Tradition of Mongolian Wrestling: Bökh, Culture, and History

men in traditional costumes wrestling in field

Preserving the Warrior Spirit: The Fascinating World of Mongolian Wrestling Mongolia, a land of vast steppes, nomadic traditions, and a resilient spirit, has given birth to a unique form of wrestling known as Bökh. This traditional wrestling style is deeply intertwined with Mongolian culture, history, and identity. Bökh, which means “firmness, reliability, vitality, wrestler,” reflects the enduring spirit of the

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