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Dickinson Hill Fire Tower: The Last Tower in Rensselaer County, NY!

Dickinson Fire Tower located in Petersburgh, NY sits on a short .5 mile walk off NY 2 but the actual trail starts on North Long Pond Road. Make sure to follow the road all the way till you see the an opening for a small parking lot just off the side. You will have a short .10 miles on the

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Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Surrounded by mountains and pine, nestled in the Tonto national forest, lies one of the largest travertine bridges in the world, known as Tonto Natural Bridge. Natural bridges made of travertine are uncommon and a beautiful sight to see. The stalactites and stalagmites one usually pictures in the caverns below ground grace the walls, ceiling, and floor beneath the bridge.

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My First Backpacking Trip!

Since moving to Arizona, I’ve experienced a great love for nature. It started with little hikes and grew into camping. It didn’t take long for the desire to start backpacking to take hold of me. Unfortunately though, my navigation skills have been somewhat lacking, causing me to be careful and patient with this goal. About a week ago, Liam surprised

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Staying Fit with Google!

Expensive Equipment for Cheap Whether your an experienced athlete or a fresh newbie, everyone always wants to latest and best tech for whatever sport they’re doing. Staying up with all the new tech can be quite expensive, but now thanks to the Fitbit merger with Google and their new “Google-Fi” phone service, you can get payment plans for whatever your

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