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How Do I Prepare for a Long Backpacking Hike

People on Reddit and all over Facebook activity ask, “This is my first long hike, what can I do to get my body ready?” and the answers can be quite simple but not always common sense. In this article I intend to layout 3 key things you can and should do to prep for your next big hike. Do keep

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Indian kill

While out and about on a few grubhub deliveries, I passed by a trailhead and had decided to stop and check it out. Taking note of the map signage I realized I probably wasn’t going to be able to hike the entire thing. However, I wanted to see what was inside! The trail was clearly very well maintained, as there

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Spruce Mountain Fire Tower New York

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower is one the 30 fire towers in the Adirondack region of New York state that make up the ADK fire tower challenge. Spruce Mountain is about 2,009 feet high, and has the tallest fire tower at 70 feet tall. Located in Corinth NY, a short drive from Saratoga. The ascent takes roughly 45 minutes up to

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