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Unveiling the Power of Wrist Locks: A Comprehensive Exploration

photo of a person touching her arm

Wrist locks, joint manipulations in martial arts, have their effectiveness debated among practitioners. They bend, flex, extend, or rotate the wrist in relation to the forearm bones. Aikido, Hapkido, and traditional Japanese Jujutsu prominently use wrist locks, while Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses less on them. Their effectiveness varies between standing and ground scenarios and their safety risks demand cautious practice and proper control. Ground-based wristlocks are viable submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other combat sports, but practitioners must approach them responsibly to minimize dangers.

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Old School Kung Fu Workout for Beginners

This piece is a guide to a Kung Fu centered fitness regimen. The session begins with a 15-minute cardio warm-up, followed by a series of exercises including Rice Bucket Squeezes, Finger Push-Ups, Horse Stance or Wall Sits, Shadow Boxing, and Punching Exercises. The workout ends with a comprehensive stretching routine. The writer emphasizes that Kung Fu is about harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit and encourages consistency and focus in training.

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The Soviet Union’s Ban on Karate: A Brutal Twist in Martial Arts History

taekwondo athletes having their training

Karate, introduced to the Soviet Union in the 1960s, flourished until it became associated with criminal gangs and violent protests, leading to its ban in 1981. Despite its revival in 1989, the martial art never regained its previous popularity. The ban had significant influences on the Soviet martial arts landscape and societal norms, revealing the complexities of integrating such sports into differing political and social ideologies.

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The UFC-USADA Split: A Closer Look at the McGregor Controversy and Future Changes

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The UFC and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will sever their partnership from January 2024 due to a dispute over UFC fighter Conor McGregor. This controversy follows comments from UFC president Dana White suggesting a possible early return to the octagon for McGregor, bypassing USADA’s mandatory six-month drug testing requirement. Despite this separation, the UFC will continue its anti-doping efforts with Drug Free Sport International and new administrator George Piro. The split has sparked questions about the future of drug testing in MMA.

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