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JMurrayAthletics Athlete of the Month: Masaki “Maza” Mibayashi – December 2023

Scientist Masaki “Maza” Mibayashi is celebrated not only for his marathon achievements but his framing of running as a transformative recovery tool for mental health struggles. Mibayashi, who battled depression, used consistent physical exercise to tackle his condition, running thousands of miles, participating in prestigious events like the Boston Marathon and the Abbott World Marathon Majors Age Group World Championships, and achieving remarkable marathon timings. As he approaches his 50s, his story refutes the idea that athletic success is limited to the young.

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Fueling Your Personal Energy: Harnessing the Power of Haters

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What things give you energy? Are you tired of constantly being bombarded with negativity from haters who seem to have made it their life’s mission to bring others down? Instead of letting their words and actions demotivate you, I invite you to embrace a powerful mindset that will turn their negative vibes into fuel for your personal growth. Let’s explore

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