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New York City Marathon: Breaking Records and Inspiring Achievements

The New York City Marathon saw Ethiopian runner, Amirat Tola, set a new course record with a finishing time of 2:04:58. Furthermore, the event highlighted human determination and inclusivity with Kayleigh Williamson, a 33-year-old woman with Down syndrome, completing the marathon in honor of her late grandmother and raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Get Ready to Conquer the TCS New York City Marathon: A Guide to Success and Safety

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The upcoming TCS New York City Marathon provides a comprehensive guide for both veteran and first-time racers. The guide includes mile markers, hydration, nutrition, safety measures, race rules, support systems, as well as advice from experienced runners. An app is available to track progress and official aid stations will be set up at regular intervals for the participants’ safety and convenience.

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