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Major Delays and Concerns for Commuters as Tracks are Covered in Mud

Westchester County residents are grappling with significant commuting issues due to an obstruction of MTA Metro North and Amtrak tracks, caused by heavy mudslides. Despite extensive cleanup efforts, some Amtrak routes are cancelled temporarily, causing concern for commuters and upcoming NYC Marathon participants. Despite the setbacks, ensuring passenger safety remains a top priority as authorities work to restore normal services.

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Get Ready to Conquer the TCS New York City Marathon: A Guide to Success and Safety

moving train photo

The upcoming TCS New York City Marathon provides a comprehensive guide for both veteran and first-time racers. The guide includes mile markers, hydration, nutrition, safety measures, race rules, support systems, as well as advice from experienced runners. An app is available to track progress and official aid stations will be set up at regular intervals for the participants’ safety and convenience.

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Conquering the Staten Island Half Marathon: A Scenic and Challenging Race Experience

The Staten Island half marathon marks the conclusion of this year’s 9+1 series. It’s deemed the most challenging yet convenient race location, depending on the mode of transport. Security is stringent, and facilities are limited for spectators. The race offers glorious views, especially when passing through Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and Fort Wadsworth Base. It featured over 7,823 runners in 2022, with Pelle Nogueira taking the lead.

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