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Major Delays and Concerns for Commuters as Tracks are Covered in Mud

Westchester County residents are grappling with significant commuting issues due to an obstruction of MTA Metro North and Amtrak tracks, caused by heavy mudslides. Despite extensive cleanup efforts, some Amtrak routes are cancelled temporarily, causing concern for commuters and upcoming NYC Marathon participants. Despite the setbacks, ensuring passenger safety remains a top priority as authorities work to restore normal services.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Threatens Subway Car, Gets Choked Out

Former Michael Jackson impersonator, Jordan Neely, died after being choked on a subway. Reports state that Neely, appearing distressed, threatened passengers leading three men, including a Marine veteran, to restrain him. His death sparked controversy with figures like AOC and Al Sharpton calling it a racial attack, leading to protests. Toxicology reports are awaited; however, certain outlets are criticized for neglecting the events leading up to the incident.

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“Unbelievable: Inside the Epic Bronx 10-Mile Race – Thrilling Hills, Record-Breaking Champions, and Stunning Photos Revealed!”

The Bronx 10 mile is the largest of its kind in the US, drawing over 11,000 international runners. The race takes place near Yankee Stadium on a rolling course with multiple hills. Top finishers names are Harbert Okuti (M) and Weynshet Ansa (F) with an average completion time of 1:31:53.

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“Unveiling the Spectacle: The Epic Evolution of the Queens 10k – From Humble Origins to a Massive Movement!”

The Queens 10k is a historical race, starting much like the original burning man with just a few friends and a passion out having fun. The race was originally organized by the college point athletic club which found its roots dating back to the 1960’s. The first Queens marathon wouldn’t be until 1978, where 400 runners would cross the finish

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