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Conquering the Staten Island Half Marathon: A Scenic and Challenging Race Experience

As we bring this year’s 9+1 to a close we do so with the Staten island half marathon, the last race in the 5 borough series a series we plan to hit in the near future. The Staten island half located obviously on Staten Island was one of the hardest and easiest races to get too, but it depends entirely

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“Experience the Toughest Race in Central Park: Gretes Great Gallop – A Battle Against the Hills!”

Gretes Great Gallop is another legacy race to memorialize Grete, another influential Runner who left a lasting impact on New York Road Runners through her achievements and charitable donations. Grete is also a 5-time winner of the NYC 10k Mini, which the Central Park course for the day is designed after. The money raised from this event goes to funding

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“Unveiling the Spectacle: The Epic Evolution of the Queens 10k – From Humble Origins to a Massive Movement!”

The Queens 10k is a historical race, starting much like the original burning man with just a few friends and a passion out having fun. The race was originally organized by the college point athletic club which found its roots dating back to the 1960’s. The first Queens marathon wouldn’t be until 1978, where 400 runners would cross the finish

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Running the Manhattan 10k

The second race in our 9+1 series, The Manhattan 10k is a race centered in Manhattan’s Central Park southern half. Race-Day Central was located parallel to E. 72 St. and the race start is parallel with 69th St. Everything being conveniently located and easily accessible from the subways and main roads. This year we were requested to schedule our bib

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