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Product Review: Break Point Flag Limited Edition Gi

Limited Edition BreakpointFC Flag Gi has been one the best Gi’s I’ve bought, The first thing i noticed was the soft upper interior. the gi is made with _ , the coat being one piece construction top with rip stop lapel and pants. The gi is approved for most competitions within the U.S. , these include NABJJF, SJJIF, & IBJJF.

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Product Review: Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask 2.0 is respiratory training device, designed and made to work the lungs. I bought mine about 2 years ago and have used it weekly since to help improve my respiratory compensation threshold (RCT), ventilatory threshold (VT), power output at RCT, and power output at VT. The mask itself has received a bit of push back from the fitness

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