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C4 Ripped Sport Pre-Workout Review

C4 has made a decent name for themselves in recent years, and finding it has become as easy as going to your local general store. But does this pre-workout give you everything you need to have a successful lift? At its root or beginning of the “supplement fact sheet”, you will find low calories, carbs, and fats, as well as

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Rollarama Rotterdam

An old fashioned way of fun, Rotterdam, NY has one of the few competitive skating rinks left in America. Founded in 1957 by Frank Newberry & Jim Denegris, and currently owned by Frank’s son Scott, Rollarama has been a staple and icon of many Rotterdam childhoods. Entertaining birthdays, dates, weekends, and evenings off from school. Prior to 2011, Rollarama was

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Product Review: Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask 2.0 is respiratory training device, designed and made to work the lungs. I bought mine about 2 years ago and have used it weekly since to help improve my respiratory compensation threshold (RCT), ventilatory threshold (VT), power output at RCT, and power output at VT. The mask itself has received a bit of push back from the fitness

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