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“Unbelievable: Inside the Epic Bronx 10-Mile Race – Thrilling Hills, Record-Breaking Champions, and Stunning Photos Revealed!”

The Bronx 10 mile is the largest of its kind in the US, drawing over 11,000 international runners. The race takes place near Yankee Stadium on a rolling course with multiple hills. Top finishers names are Harbert Okuti (M) and Weynshet Ansa (F) with an average completion time of 1:31:53.

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Race Review: NYRR Joe k. 10k

The Joe K. 10k race, part of the 9+1 program, occurs in Central Park and celebrates Joe Kleinerman, a visionary of the New York Road Runners Club and the NYC Marathon. The challenging course covers over 6 miles, marked by rolling hills and iconic sights. Weather conditions vary significantly, adding to the race’s excitement. Winning time this year was 29:23 by Teshome Mekonen. Registration typically begins in December. Training for hills is key due to the course’s nature.

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