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Should Brass Knuckles be Legal?

silver brass knuckles standing angled left isolated on blue back

The post explores the controversy surrounding the legality of brass knuckles, a tool that can be used for self-defense but also has the potential for misuse. Brass knuckles are permitted, either with or without license, in 29 U.S states, while they are illegal in the rest. The emphasis is on responsible usage and understanding that the aim of self-defense tools is to minimize violence, not escalate it. The post maintains a neutral stance and does not endorse violence.

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Gym Review: Schenectady YMCA

Schenectady YMCA, established in 1926, offers an advanced gym featuring a wellness floor with various weight and cardio machines, group classes, and an NCAA Regulation Basketball Court. Its adult and children’s programs are well-liked, with basketball being notably popular. The YMCA staff offers a supportive community within the modern, clean facility.

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