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Angry Veteran shows the world why it’s important to know how to fight, even while out hiking!

Recently out in Colorado, a couple went out on a hiking excursion and the day looked beautiful and hopeful, minus one individual on the road. The individual who has yet to be identified, claims to be a U.S. veteran, however he seems to have left his military discipline at home because I can’t say Jocko would approve of his actions.

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White Sands National Park

Have you ever wanted to go sledding but couldn’t stand the cold? Look no further than White Sands National Park, the newest park in the USA, established in 2019. The park has the largest gypsum sand dune field in the entire world making it a rare beauty to see.  After a wondrous underground exploration in Carlsbad we head back west

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Christmas in the Caverns

On a quiet Friday afternoon we took off towards New Mexico. The destination? A little city located within the Chihuahuan Desert. Home to over 119 natural underground caves, CarlsBad Caverns became a national park in 1930. The drive in from Arizona was beautiful. We drove through vast desert and windy mountains while passing through the various cities along the way.

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Gretes Great Gallop!

Gretes Great Gallop is another legacy race to memorialize Grete, another influential Runner who left a lasting impact on New York Road Runners through her achievements and charitable donations. Grete is also a 5-time winner of the NYC 10k Mini, which the Central Park course for the day is designed after. The money raised from this event goes to funding

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