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Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Review

A review and look at Body Fortress’s Whey Protein Super Advanced Blend, found across the u.s. in Walmart & CVS Markets among other big name retailers. Know what your buying with Jmurrayathletics.

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Everlast Hyperflex Bag

Im just going to say off the rip I love this product! The hyper flex bag is a reflex and striking building tool, the bag might as well be an upside down speed bag. Its slender built so you can easily store it away in a closet or a corner, its height can also be adjusted and is suited for

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Beware the Fake Martial Artists

Beware the fake martial artists… So I’ve been putting this off for awhile, but due to recent audacity of some I feel it’s important to point out. While due to the creation of MMA & the UFC many fakes were exposed and put out, some have managed to slip under the radar. Fakes still exist all over in your neighborhood

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