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How Temu is Trying to Destroy the American Market, Genocide, Cheap Labor, and Unethical Business Practices.

Temu, a new worldwide online store, presents as an inexpensive, luxurious product source, spending heavily on ads and influencer campaigns. However, controversies regarding its unclear ownership, questionable business ethics including selling stolen intellectual property, coercing small sellers, and lackluster customer service cast doubts on its credibility. Multiple consumer complaints and unclear refund policies prompt to discourage using Temu.

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New York City Marathon: Breaking Records and Inspiring Achievements

The New York City Marathon saw Ethiopian runner, Amirat Tola, set a new course record with a finishing time of 2:04:58. Furthermore, the event highlighted human determination and inclusivity with Kayleigh Williamson, a 33-year-old woman with Down syndrome, completing the marathon in honor of her late grandmother and raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Why is Combat Karate Giving Andrew Tate a chance?

MMA Uncensored reports Combat Karate is trying to sign former kickboxer Andrew Tate, despite facing serious allegations including trafficking, Ponzi schemes, tax evasion, and theft. Tate, who is also known for misogynistic statements, is under investigation in Romania. Ethics questions regarding Combat Karate are raised, as the decision to associate with Tate might result in future implications for the organisation.

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Jake Paul Accepts MMA Fight with Nate Diaz

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YouTuber turned professional boxer, Jake Paul, has accepted a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight with Nate Diaz, following a victorious boxing match against him earlier this year. This match was announced by Most Valuable Promotions, with the Professional Fighters League extending the offer for the MMA bout. Both Paul, looking to prove his boxing success transfers to MMA, and Diaz, aiming to show the prowess of MMA fighters in any combat sport, are eager for the clash.

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Is the American Education System Failing Us?

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The US education system, born from a noble intention, is increasingly scrutinized for possible deviance from its primary objective. Concerns arise about its priorities, focusing on teachers’ unions’ interests rather than student needs. The shift towards cultural education may neglect essential life skills. Deep-rooted issues, such as neglect, lack of oversight, and refusal to implement research-backed initiatives demand attention and reform. A collective effort towards fostering critical thinking and practical skills, ensuring accountability and oversight, is essential for a revitalized education system.

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