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What Are The Best Apps To Use For Running?

With all the technology becoming more prevalent in fitness everyday, running is no different and it can become overwhelming for the average beginner. There are probably hundreds of apps to use and try from around the world, but to make things simpler I’ve outlined two apps I feel are the most useful and leading the race for beginners and advanced

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Beware the Fake Martial Artists

Beware the fake martial artists… So I’ve been putting this off for awhile, but due to recent audacity of some I feel it’s important to point out. While due to the creation of MMA & the UFC many fakes were exposed and put out, some have managed to slip under the radar. Fakes still exist all over in your neighborhood

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The Sauna

The practice of using heat therapy dates back thousands of years, and was used by a great many cultures and civilizations, some people claiming as far back as 500 b.c. In Egyptian culture, a person may have used heat therapy to cure an illness or pain. Some cultures such as the Chinese, Japanese, and English were known to use hot

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