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Angry Veteran shows the world why it’s important to know how to fight, even while out hiking!

Recently out in Colorado, a couple went out on a hiking excursion and the day looked beautiful and hopeful, minus one individual on the road. The individual who has yet to be identified, claims to be a U.S. veteran, however he seems to have left his military discipline at home because I can’t say Jocko would approve of his actions.

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Battle at cage wars 55!

Kicking off the new year right cage wars has organized its 55th fight card, this time featuring some of the venue’s most impressive fighters ever! At the top of the list is Jordan Scrom vs Hayden speckardt, a rematch between to local athletes. Since their last beef, Jordan has gained a world title & taken a championship with _. While

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NYRR Bronx 10 Mile Review!

The Bronx 10 mile is the largest 10 mile race in the country, with over 11,000 runners from across the world. The event takes place in the beautiful heritage field directly across from Yankee stadium with sections of the event set up under the concourse subway terminal. While the race start is actually two blocks up the hill from the

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The Kimberly Hotel Review

Located in Manhattan, New York City, this spot was one of the more expensive places we’ve stayed for the 2022 season. The hotel had a very posh look and feel about it, with an elevator man, door men, black escalades outside, and secret service coming and going at all hours. Inside the room was no different, minus all the people.

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The Asiatic Hotel

The Asiatic Hotel in Flushing, Queens, New York. New York, was a hotel we found through while looking for places to stay near the Queens 10k. The hotel itself was extremely nice inside with a marble lobby, glassed off breakfast area, kind staff and a clean building. The room was a suite, but was extremely spacious, actually making decent

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