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Homewood Suites, Schenectady: Full Look and Review!

Located off freeman’s bridge road just as you enter Glenville from Schenectady, the site is fairly new, only recently constructed around 2015. The hotel was constructed to service the new casino, but is a great accommodation for those just looking for a night to stay while passing through or visiting family around town. Inside the room, there is plenty of

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What is the 9+1 program at NYRR?

This year jmurrayathletics has decided to do the 9+1 program from NYRR, a challenge of sorts for runners to gain non-complimentary guaranteed entry to the 2023 NYC Marathon. The marathon is the largest in the country at roughly 50k annual runners, so getting in can be tough. Normally a racer would have to enter the draft or have a qualifying

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