Climbing Cat Mountain

Life is about seeing things and experiencing things

you can’t do that from the safety of home. – John Murray

Getting up the fresh and early, Liam, his brother Ryan and myself began our journey to Cat & Thomas Mountains. The ranges are located just west of Lake George and the Town of Bolton, and just east of Adirondack Northway 87.

There will be a short walk to the main junction, where you will want to follow the “Cat” trail. The trail is considered to be an easy to moderate level hike, with light inclines mixed with moderate incline climbs. The hike consists of flat rock which becomes slippery when wet, scattered rock and dirt portions.

Upon reaching the top after a short 3.8 miles you will have one amazing view of Lake George and her surrounding mountain ranges from Cat Mountains’ 1,125 ft high view. I was blown away looking off in to the vast mountains of the Adirondacks.

When you get up there be sure to take the time to rest up and appreciate the view. While up here we stopped for lunch and refreshments. We mistakenly followed the trail down the other side. If you want an easier walk back to your car, turn around and head to the junction you last saw coming up the mountain. If your the adventurous type and just want to keep going all day, head right on down the other side!