Peebles Island state Park

Located in Saratoga County, bordering Albany county. Near the city of Albany, between Cohoes & Waterford sits Peebles Island State Park. The island itself encompasses 250 acres of land, originally bought in 1630 to protect trade between Canada and Albany. The island would later be used for manufacturing during the height of the locals cities glory days. The manufacturing factory now serves as a visitors center to “Friends of Peebles Island State Park”. The park features a large pavilion, docks, restrooms, and plenty of space and tables with pits for families to have picnics and BBQ’s.


For this hike we took the perimeter trail, which took us along the exterior of the island. Most of the path was easy to navigate and well marked, with virtually no inclines or declines, just smooth sailing!


The trail had several easy access points to the water, which I took full advantage of! Because of the time of year and a recent drought in the area, the river was for the most part only ankle high. Due to this I was able to make it midway out into the river at several parts along its flow. While out there you can feel the breeze of the wind and flow of the water, an experience that is so incredible to just take in for a minute.

Looping all the way around, we spotted a few more tables & benches for anyone looking for a more isolated spot away from the main center. The loop itself is only 2.3 miles long, and wont take the average person more than an hour to walk.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a fun place to go with your family to come enjoy a picnic, take a hike, and go see Locks 1 & 2 on the beginning stretch of the Erie canal.