The Fitbit versa 2: a must have for everyone

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a high quality, multi use smart watch that looks good in the gym or on the go!

The fitbit versa 2 comes with several pre installed apps, and allows you to download more from the fitbit app store. In addition to adding features, you can set and adjust your home screen and clock.

Personally this is one of my favorite watches, the smart watch features come in handy often when training and it complements most my outfits and even my suit for formal events.


Some of the features of using a fitbit include:

Hourly activity reminders
Give yourself hourly reminders to stay active.

Heart Rate Monitor
This part is probably what fitbit is most known for. With its technology, they are able to record your heart rate as long as the device is on your wrist. This function is the primary source of all the fitbits features, from the sleep monitor to the exercise recording.

Exercise recording.
This feature allows you to record runs, cycling, swimming, and various exercises (HIIT, Treadmill, “Workout”).

Timers & Stop watch
Great for timing something in the oven or a workout, and the stop watch function is especially helpful to anyone coaching.

Have your phones alarms synced to your watch to help those heavy sleepers get up in the morning!

Stay up to date with the weather while your out playing basketball on the courts or out training for a marathon!


Email, Text, & Push notifications
Don’t worry about checking your phone every 5 minutes while your waiting for that important text or email, the fitbit versa 2 will notify you of any incoming emails. I set mine up to keep me up to date with all the websites incoming emails!

Music controls
A handy function to have when moving around the house cleaning, or on a run and your phones in a sleeve. This feature allows you to control the music playing from a selected bluetooth device or music playing account E.x. Pandora or Spotify.

This one’s really cool for anyone looking to learn to meditate or chill out. This feature allows you to choose a time and runs in sync with your heart rate telling you when to breath in and out.

Sleep monitor
When I first found this feature I was amazed, you can watch your sleep patterns, when you fall asleep, wake up, and when you are in a light, heavy, or R.E.M. sleep cycle. It shows it all! Because of this I’ve taken steps to try and improve my sleep.

Access to Strava recording
If you use Strava like I used too, you can record your workouts without uploading them manually to Strava. This feature will help you save time, and time is money.

Plus Access to the Fitbit App Store
This is a really awesome and new development from fitbit as you can now upload more cool Features to your device! I currently have a running cadence coach & skateboard log added!


App Features Include

Food & Calorie Log
This allows you to record your macros in a log included with the fitbit app. The log includes many major food companies and organic, supplements, and generic.

Water intake
I know personally getting enough water throughout the day can be difficult. With the water log you can record your daily/hourly intake and set hourly reminders.

Weight recording
Anyone looking to shred or bulk can manage their daily weight with this feature, helping to keep all your logs in one efficient place.

Of course some of these features are limited by device, however the Fitbit Versa 2 keeps all these options within a nice sleek design. The Versa 2 may run you $160-200 depending where and when you buy it. You can get them and other devices at a great rate HERE.