The Worse place to stay in rome, ny, quality inn rome-verona

While my time here in Rome wasn’t all bad, the hotel we chose could have been much better.


Upon arriving we were greeted with hostility by the desk attendant, immediately lowering my expectations of this place. Once at the room we found it was not at all as advertised, the kitchenette and balcony were both non-existent. Trash was still littered around the room, with some still in several drawers and cabinets. All three of the ice machines around the facility were not functioning, and the gym had been stuffed away with the laundry facilities making the room excessively hot, muggy and smelly.

Sunday morning while on our way out, we also got to see a prostitute get arrested from the hotel, this was shortly after the bag…

What is the bag you might ask. Well underneath our bed was a bag with cotton swabs and an elastic band, to which I’m sure you can imagine what that was used for.

The only redeeming quality about the Quality Inn Rome-Verona is the location. It was great being at the entrance to the interstate and having access to the main roads and buses. Being in downtown also provided walking distance to the only shops available in town, shout out to Gary’s Music Store, the coolest place in downtown!

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The worse part about this place came though when I got home, in the form of a $200 additional fee. The hotel charged me $200 + $100 for security that was already taken at arrival, because they claimed we had smoked within the room. Personally I take offense to this, as I always leave my rooms as I found them or in this case better. If I feel the need to smoke I do it outside, just like I do anywhere else. Only a lowlife is that disrespectful as to smoke in someone else’s property when their are rooms available to do so. For a 3 night stay we were charged almost $500, in a town that has shops and people leaving left and right.


Overall this place was absolutely horrific, I walked away feeling conned and robbed. There are a couple other hotels in the area one near the airport and another near the casino, so if I go back to visit and train again I will not be staying at the Quality Inn Rome-Verona.