Leg day workouts for home using just a Heavy Bag and Weight Vest

Using a Heavy Bag and weight vest we are going to run you through a Short series of leg exercises, that can be done from home or in the gym. make sure to run yourself through some warm ups, half burpees, jumping jacks, butt kick and high knees are a great way to start.

Front Squats

Starting with the front squat with a heavy bag, the motions are similar to the normal back squat you may be use too. except while working on the front squat the weight should be places towards your front delts, this variation of the squat is going to engage and activate the anterior chain (front of the body, opposed to the back which is activated by your standard squat with weight on the rear delts/traps), this is going to result in better engagement of the core and quads. With this variation make sure to keep your arms straight out to support the heavy bag on your bicep/shoulder area never the joint, you can do the fist in palm method as seen in video for a little extra support.


Heavy Bag Lunges

Next put the heavy bag to one of your shoulders , with the side the weight is on step forwards slowly, lowering your weight to the ground by bending the stepped forward knee. hold the lowered position for a few seconds, then step back up in to rested position

Jump Lunges & Jump Squats with a Weight Vest

Really easy to do starting in a lunge position, spring upwards switching feet. If you started with your right foot forwards, it should now be in the rear now. Do this on a time, start for around 20-30 seconds and progressively add more seconds as you develop.

Switching at the end of your timer to a rested squat position, your feet should be shoulder width apart. Slowly lower yourself down, upon coming back up spring upwards in to the air driving your feet off the ground.

Heavy Bag back Squat

The hardest part here is just leveraging the bag to the back without hurting yourself, to the best of your ability get the heavy bag to the Upper Lats/ Lower Traps and rest it there. from here you can begin your reps for a basic squat.


Easy to follow Along Workout Video
What you will need
– Weight Vest
– Heavy Bag

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