Vischers Ferry, The Trail to Lock 19

New York State once had one of the largest and most impressive lock systems in the country, The Erie Canal. Going from Albany to Buffalo, built in 1800s and being shut down in the early 1900s. For the longest time the only view of lock 19 was from a nearby roadway , but thanks to the efforts from Schenedahowa Central School District in 2012, an amazing path was opened up to this structure from 1842.

The trail there spans 1.4 miles and is extremely straight forward, no real turns only slight bends in the trail for almost an entire mile. For the duration of the mile you will be surrounded by water almost the entire path way. The trail being recently built, has a combination of dirty and gravel for light and easy walking, perfect for all ages.


While on this short walk, be mindful and take your time going down trails as while we were there we had seen several species loitering about. Turtles were in abundance, chilling on logs everywhere in the water. Muskrats swimming about, and busy doing muskrat related things. It was also reported that while here over 200 species of birds can be found here, though we only found angry geese.


While I won’t be back for this trail, I will be back to Vischers Ferry for its other trails and incredible nature experience, which I imagine will be as great as the last!

Vischers Ferry Wildlife

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