Gym Review: Schenectady YMCA

Schenectady YMCA is one of the oldest and longest running gyms and non- profits in the city of Schenectady, initially founded in 1926 at 13 State Street. The building now sits as a historical location close to the Rivers Casino. The new branch has since been developed in the beating heart of downtown Schenectady at 433 state street in the center city complex, the new location featuring a wellness floor for resistance and cardio training, a cycling room & group ex room, steam + sauna, and a beautiful NCAA Regulation Basketball Court!

weight section of the wellness floor

The wellness floor features Dumbbells 2.5-100 pounds, 3 Bench Presses, Squat Rack, Smith Machine, 5 Cable Machines, A Rower, 6 types of Cardio Machines (Ark Trainers, Free-band Ellipticals, Tracked Ellipticals, Treadmills, Stair Climbers, and Stationary Bikes), and Assisted Machines for every muscle group. The equipment here is great for beginners – intermediate skilled lifters/athletes, and the location being perfect for anyone looking to increase or maintain their overall general health.

cardio section of the wellness floor

Classes run throughout the day, and are included in your monthly/yearly membership. You will find that more popular classes like yoga and cycling will often run 2x per day, with morning and night classes available for either the night owl or the morning bird.

aerobic studio

Programs are available for adults and kids, one of the most popular by far being Basketball! The Schenectady YMCA offers youth, young adult, and older active adult leagues for basketball, and features programs for, the community like Black & Latin achievers & PRIDE.

member enjoys down time after workout, with complementary coffee in the lobby.

While the basketball court is mostly open, if you come in the evening you will potentially find the local Suny Schenectady Royals team practicing. Games are free & open to the public, Schedules can be found Here.

NCAA Court

Overall I’d Give the Gym an 8.2 out of 10, being that the branch is very modern, comfortable, clean, in a great location, and boasts a supportive group of staff always happy to help members! It provides most general fitness needs, given its small space all while maintaining a spacious feel. I encourage you to check out this branch, whether you live in the area or are just in for the night and need a place to workout!

A Word From The CDYMCA CEO

Please also take this moment to consider donating to their annual campaign. I have recently started a fundraising page for this years campaign. I Truly believe in the mission of the YMCA and have been a massive supporter for several years now, in the past donating $250 dollars/yr. The campaign goes to helping families receive childcare assistance, free summer camp to low income neighborhoods, men’s housing & assisted living, and community support programs! Remember even a single dollar per person can go a long way!