Tap Cancer Out Fundraising Campaign

Your Probably wondering who in the world is “Tap Cancer Out” and why should I donate? Tap Cancer Out is a non for profit organization that has taken up the task of helping to raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer, they do this through sales, fundraising, and competitions!


The Organization offers full transparency, being granted the “silver seal of transparency” from guidestar in 2019. In the past 8 years Tap Cancer Out has donated more than 2 million in grants, which is phenomenal for a start up! With each years increases to size and funds, they have given massive amounts to notable organizations such as “Alex’s Lemon aid stand” “Pancreatic Cancer Action Network”, “St. Baldrick’s Foundation”, and “Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation”. The organization has also given out grants to over 20 universities & colleges for research.

scientific numerical proof that giving is a powerful feeling!

That is why this year i was inspired to join the fight and use JMA to raise funds for Tap Cancer Out! I’ve started the goal out small, but hope to increase it as the year progresses! I only ask if you can that you donate $1 , and if that is not possible at least share this page in hopes that you might help us find a donor. Every like and share on this page helps the fight, and who knows, maybe your contribution will help save a life!