4 Fitness based apps worth downloading

It is here I have compiled a list of useful fitness apps that I currently or have previously used. At the title you will find the google play link for all these apps, and at the bottom you will find my username if you so wish to add me after downloading!



Strava app

Strava is an app created for logging endurance based sports, like running & cycling, though it offers a lot of other options to its users, some of which include but are not limited to skiing, skating, & climbing. The app offers recording your races, workouts, stats (miles, time traveled), and coaching. I use this to record all my races and workouts, and have found it extremely useful for training!


BodyFast App

Bodyfast is a amazing app for anyone who is fasting. It’s great for beginners and experienced fasters alike. The app offers basic programs for free, while more advanced and coaching options may cost you a monthly fee. Once started, the app will notify you of when your fasting window has opened and closed, and will send notifications straight through your phone or tablet keeping you on track!

Marune Social

Marune Social App

Marune is an app for you combat sports junkies. Now we finally have an app that records our drills, sparring, time trained, Gi usage, competitions, coaches, and schools! The app was originally developed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in mind, but has since evolved and started including many other martial arts!

Bodyspace by BodyBuilding.com

Body Space App By Bodybuilding.com

Bodyspace is a great tool for anyone looking to log their weight & resistance training. The app includes everything from recipes, programs, and social space. Bodybuilding.com is also another great source for supplements and fitness based articles.