Mohawk River Trail Rome, NY

After a hour and a half long drive west and a well needed sleep from a long day, we awoke in our hotel room at the Quality Inn. Searching around town for nearby trails or hikes we found the Mohawk River Trail which was only a short distance away. The Mohawk River trail starts near downtown at Bellamy Harbor Park and follows much of the Mohawk river through Rome, NY all the way north to Haselton-Wright Park about 3.3 miles, just as long as a 5k race.


Whether you walk or run the length of the trail you will see several hot spots of Rome, NY, including Little Italy Fort Stanwix and the Mohawk River. The entirety of the trail is paved and maybe even better maintained than the rest of the city. It’s perfect for a morning stroll or walks like we took, however the trail is wide enough to accommodate bikers runners and walkers alike!

Maybe one of the nicer places in Rome, NY, the Mohawk River Trail is a decent place to go to get away from the environment Rome, NY emits.

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