Chimney Bluffs State Park, a New York State Hidden Gem

Located on the southern shores of lake Ontario in Wayne County, New York, Chimney Bluffs is a majestic display of land meeting water.

There are structures along the shore all made from sand being washed away over years of impact. The structures are a rare sight for anywhere in the world. The Bluffs are actively being changed by not only the waves, but the winds coming off the massive sea like lake. Lake Ontario itself is a massive lake stretching 634 miles around, almost big enough to be compared to a sea. Chimney Bluffs is just another one of the amazing features along this massive stretch.

Getting to the bluffs will be no problem as the trail is rather smooth and flat. It was easy enough that we had seen groups of both young and old making their way down the trail. Be aware, some of the edges are unstable so be careful as to how close you go, but when you get to the bluffs there are several beautiful vantage points for priceless photos. my only regret is not getting and bringing a drone!

Mind you the entrance is great for picnicking with the family, featuring well maintained bathrooms, grills and picnic tables for visitors to use at their leisure.