Hiking Buck Mountain, Adirondacks NY

“Sometimes all we need is to change our perspective” -John Murray

It’s a mild 3:30 a.m. I wake up to get dressed, I put on some tights under my jeans a flannel and my boots. By 4 am we are on the road to grab our 3rd person. I am joined by my friends & sherpas Liam and Erik. This is my first time hiking an entire mountain, and as one may expect I was both very excited and nervous!

The first half of the hike wasnt too bad, with only slight elevations and gradual increases. The major concern was the ice, luckily Liam had brought additional spikes for my boots. With this handy tool were able to get to the top almost effortlessly!

The second part of the mountain was where my anxiety really started kicking in. For those of you that don’t know I struggle highly with heights. The increases in elevation and incline started to become that much more noticeable, pushing up the hill and passing multiple streams flowing towards the bottom. Eventually we would make it to the top, a breathe taking moment collapsing from beauty & anxiety. It was such an incredible experience to see life from this new perspective and angle. In the moment I really appreciated the fact that I was there, and while I felt a constant unease I found my self wanting to stay.

Buck mountain is roughly 2,334 ft in elevation, and sits in the Lake George area of the Adirondack region of New York State. The overall hike is fairly mild to moderate, depending on age and physical readiness. I advise anyone hiking in the winter dress warm and have proper foot equipment, and always hike with friends for safety! The entrance to the trail head can be found at 1750 Pilots Knob Rd. Fort Ann, NY.