3 Ways to Start Getting Healthy While Having Fun!

What’s the most fun way to exercise?

Can I have fun and exercise? The answer may surprise you! Yes you can! To many, exercise means going to the gym, but that’s not the only form of exercise. For some, exercise may just be getting up and being active. This can be extremely simple and when doing it right, fun! Here are three ideas for you to try on your next day off!

Go for a walk!

Going for a walk with friends, family, or just a pet can be a great way to introduce yourself to exercise. Take 30 minutes out of your day and go to a trail or park. Take in some fresh air and talk with someone, take this time to relax in an active way!

Join a sports club!

Many of us used to play sports in high school, why did you stop? There are plenty of local sports teams looking for members, try your hand at basketball at the YMCA or maybe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s also never too late to try boxing, or even join a flag football team. There are so many options and many are low commitment based, meaning you can ease yourself back in.

Play with your kids!

That’s right, go out back and take time to run around with your kids. Simply moving is incredibly beneficial, and the best way to keep young is do what young people do! Take the time to not only be around your kids in a positive and memorable way, but help to improve yourself at the same time!

Just get out.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to remember is exercise isn’t limited to a single type of movement. It can be anything and everything when done correctly. Being active is the most important part. Being sedentary is a killer, literally causing chronic, illness mental health issues, and more. Force yourself out into that sunlight and achieve more! You got this!