Battle at cage wars 55!

Kicking off the new year right cage wars has organized its 55th fight card, this time featuring some of the venue’s most impressive fighters ever!

At the top of the list is Jordan Scrom vs Hayden speckardt, a rematch between to local athletes. Since their last beef, Jordan has gained a world title & taken a championship with _. While Hayden has worked on his cage wars career, gaining victories by submission in the cage!

Bobby Angelo also makes his return after some good time off, anyone who actively follows cage wars has probably seen bobby’s stopping power. Knocking out his opponent in seconds of the second round, during his debut fight! Bobby has been progressing through the kickboxing scene, racking up the victories!

Finally we have Nash Hylton a former fellow teammate who embodies the real life version of Goku with his extreme kindness and deadly hands, Nash is notorious for his ability to shred on the guitar and shred up his competition on the canvas. His opponent this time around has one pro fight on record, however Nash looks to make easy work with his Jiu Jitsu most likely ending in another submission win!

While the in house event has sold out, the pay per view is still available for everyone via stimulus. We encourage any mma fan to drop in and help support these amazing athletes!