A Charity to Help Keep Kids in Martial Arts

Help keep the dream alive, for a child today by donating!

While surfing Facebook I found an amazing post from a friend who resides in Missouri. He and his gym are raising funds to help keep kids in the gym and off the streets.

The reason they kicked off this fund was due to the number of students dropping out. Even at a low $60 a month, families within the Kansas City, Missouri area struggle to come up with the extra money. We have all felt the struggle though, as inflation has hit all communities hard.

However, in the darkest of times we show what and who we truly are which is why as part of a way to kick off the New Year, I’m going to be donating to the fund in the hopes that it will help support a child and keep them in the dojo inspired and motivated by the knowledge that someone out there cares and wants to see them succeed.


Martial arts are an amazing way to teach kids respect and humility, two values deeply lacking in this current generation. It also provides a way for kids with more energy than most to openly and proudly put that energy to productive use. The structure of a dojo can also give your child a community and network of positive inspiration, to help them develop healthy and strong social behaviors.

So you can see why donating can make such a large impact.

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