“Unveiling the Hidden Gem of 9 Corners Lake: A Perfect Getaway for Swimming, Camping, and Adventure!”

9 Corners Lake

I haven’t been to a swimming hole for a minute, and while I didn’t jump right in I have to say I’ll be back to do just that.


Located near 9 Corners Lake is a popular swimming location where friends and families congregate to picnic and swim. Additionally there are a few camping sites if you’re adventurous and want to enjoy the Adirondack air for the night. The spot is only a short drive from Kane Mountain, and a hour or so from the Capital District of New York!


The walk in is simple, as behind us the entire time we saw this old guy carrying a canoe, so if he can do it so can you! The lake also appears to be a popular fishing, and rock climbing spot! That’s right, there’s rocks to climb!

Overall, a nice little place worth driving to for some relaxation and a picnic by the lake!

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