Colonie Town Park & Trail Head

The town park is located of Schermerhorn Road in Colonie, NY near Latham and Cohoes, and boasts a load of activities for all types of people. This park has it all within this 160 acres. Contained within are an Olympic sized pool set with diving boards at 3 levels, a training pool, a splash pad, bath houses, a concession stand, 2 tennis courts, 4 baseball fields, a pond & bridge with fishing areas, a football field, a boat launch, 2 pavilions, plenty of picnic tables with grills, and hiking trails!


The trails are all off the main road that comes in to the park. Once you really get into the trails, they may become increasingly difficult to follow as many aren’t properly marked. Yellow becomes green, to red, to orange real quick. Keep in mind that while sites like Alltrails say the entire place is wheel chair friendly, most of the park may be but the trail heads are not. Trail heads have moderate inclines/declines throughout, and roots are littered through out the trails.


The best part of the trail was probably getting to see the Mohawk from the path, despite getting lost on the way there. The park itself is something special with the amount of amenities they offer, I would love to come back here for a BBQ and hike again!

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